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Bud: Week 13

February 2, 2011

It’s only the third week I’ve taken a belly silhouette picture and I’m already a day late. =( I really wanted to be on time every Tuesday. Oh well….try again next week, right?

The current baby discussion in our house is whether to find out or not to find out? The gender, that is.

I go for a sonogram sometime between 16 and 20 weeks. (To be scheduled). We found out ahead of time with both Monkey and Bruiser. The original idea was that we would find out until we had a child of each gender, then be surprised from then on. As I have grown in my mothering, and life in general, my feelings about the matter have changed. I don’t want to know this time. (Well, I do, but I don’t.) I did the old “make a list” thing to sort out my reasons.

My PROs, CONs, and NEUTRALS for each scenario:

Find Out at Sonogram Find Out at Birth
Able to get good deals on gender appropriate stuff at garage sales this summer. We already have several gender neutral newborn outfits that will work & if we have a girl I’m sure we will get oodles of cute clothes as gifts. 

Not getting to do my bargain shopping which I love so much.

Only have to come up with one name. Is coming up with 2 really that much harder?
Won’t have to call the baby “it” for five more months. Calling the baby “it” for five more months.
The satisfaction of just knowing already and not having to always wonder or answer the question of “what do you think it is?” constantly. Help me to put aside my control-freakish ways and just “leave it in God’s hands.”
Another giving in to the “immediate gratification” our society is so used to. PATIENCE. It’s something I really need to still work on and this would certainly force me to do it.
We do many things differently than the early world and they’re not all bad. It’s the time God originally designed for us to find out what kind of child we would have.

One thing that is totally out of the question is for the Chief to find out and me not to. That I just couldn’t handle. So for now, the verdict remains undecided.

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