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Kwai Ton Do (As Bruiser Calls It)

January 19, 2011

The boys love doing things just like their Dad. Since the Chief does Tae Kwon Do, the boys also want to. My mom made these little uniforms for them as a Christmas present. They tried them out paired up with the light sabers from Aunt Jen.

It was very cute and they had plenty of room in my parent’s family room to swing those things around.

Our house, however, doesn’t not have a nice big open space for sword fighting. So the light sabers are packed away until spring when they can become outside toys.

The uniforms have still gotten much use though. When the Chief went to class the other day, both boys wanted to go too, so we had pretend class at home instead. They each picked out their belts; Bruiser went for the non-traditional Indian themed belt.

I pulled out their gym mat and we went to work.

Stretches first, of course!

Then Monkey informed me we needed some wood to kick. He grabbed one of Bruisers new wooden building blocks and they took turns hurting themselves kicking a thick block ignoring their mother’s advice. Boys, right?

When the Chief got home he showed them how to do some real moves instead of my silly notions about what to do.

Oh, how these two admire their Dad!

And how thankful I am that they do!

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