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Bud: Week 11

January 18, 2011

Today marks the start of my 11th week of pregnancy and the week of my first prenatal appointment. I am excited about starting a different kind of care than I was accustomed to with my first two pregnancies. I will not be seeing an obstetrician this time, but rather a midwife. (That’s the current plan anyhow). I was less than thrilled with my hospital experiences as you may recall from reading Bruiser’s Birth Story.

Back in August the Chief and I went to visit The Midwife Center. It is the only free-standing birth center in Western Pennsylvania. I really didn’t want another hospital birth and the Chief wasn’t too keen on the idea of a home birth, so this seemed like the best option for us. We were both very impressed at the orientation we attended and agreed that we would give them a try. The biggest downer for me was their criteria to deliver at the birth center. They do not allow VBAC’s at the center, but the midwives will deliver at a nearby hospital. Eventhough Bruiser was a succesful VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean), because Monkey was  cesarean every one of my births will now be classified as VBAC. There were tears when I found that out. =( The number one thing on my list of stuff to talk about with the midwife is where I will have to deliver and the particulars of it. I’m holding out a tiny (very tiny) bit of hope that I will be able to have a birth center birth, because when I called to make my appointment the lady on the phone asked if I was looking for a birth center birth or a hospital birth and she already knew about my history. Why would she even give me that choice if it wasn’t  an option? I’m thinking she’s just the office worker and doesn’t really know, or she’s new, or they just ask everyone the same questions. Her simply asking that question gave me a tiny glimmer of hope though.

I seem to be over the hump of constantly feeling tired. (As you might have been able to tell, by the frequency of my posts!) I also have gotten rid of that queasy feeling in my stomach. It has been traded in for sudden desires for food. And now that we’ve let everyone know, I don’t have to keep sucking it in! Yea for showing the baby bump!

Photo credit above goes to Monkey. I got the camera settings all set up, had him stand on a stool (so I wouldn’t get that lovely 3-foot tall angle and appear even more of a giant than I am) and snap away. The kid did a way better job than I was hoping for! Hopefully we can keep this up every week until Bud is here.

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  1. January 18, 2011 2:56 pm

    I didn’t know about your wonderful news! Praise the Lord!

    I will be praying God gives you peace and wisdom as He cares for you and little Bud the next few months.


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