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Bruiser’s Dictionary

January 13, 2011

Bruiser is two-and-three quarter years old now. In the six months from his second birthday, his vocabulary has absolutely exploded. He has gone from speaking in mostly baby words, to talking like a real big boy. Some of those baby words still linger though, and they make me smile every time he says one.

“chicken” = kitchen

“chicken” = chicken

“biddie” = blankie

“dads” = daddy

“wash car” = car wash

“paper towel” = toilet paper

“Tamden” = Camden

“am-bwe-ence” = ambulance

“aminals” = animals

“bamana” = banana

“I-A-N spells Tamden!” = Him copying his brother spelling his own name and thinking that’s how his name is spelled too.

“PUS truck” = UPS truck

“Kwai Ton Do” = Tae Kwon Do

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