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Shhh! Don’t Tell Him It’s Work!

December 6, 2010

Our first snow of the year that actually stuck on  the ground was December 1st. What a fitting day for the first snow! Monkey was over-the-top excited about it when he discovered all the white outside. Five minutes after waking up he was shouting and jumping throughout the house.

“It snowed! It snowed! I can go shovel!!! Mom, can I go shovel now?”

The boy didn’t even want to eat breakfast or get dressed. He just wanted to shovel!

Not one to squelch any desire to do work, I promised him that we could all go out right after breakfast. I let them forgo the usual morning routine of making their beds and brushing their teeth so we could hurry up and enjoy the  snow before it melted.

I remembered how Monkey shoveled last year. He pushed his little shovel around doing nothing useful whatsoever for about two minutes and then was off to go play. I was expecting the same thing this year.

I was wrong.

My Monkey is becoming useful! Actually useful! Not “I’ll come back and re-do this while you’re napping” useful.

He worked on the porch and stairs for a solid 10 minutes before taking a break. What a difference a year makes!

This year he has the strength and coordination to lift and throw the snow instead of just pushing it.

After he did “the big parts” and I did the “finishing touches” he came up with an idea on his own. I never even mentioned anything about it…

“Hey, Mom. Now we can go shovel the neighbors steps too!”

I rarely hear selfless statements like that come out of his mouth, so when he said that, I was shocked!

Maybe some of these ‘think of others’ things I’ve been trying to teach him is actually sinking in!

“That is a wonderful idea, Buddy! Let’s go!” I responded enthusiastically.

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Since that day it has snowed more and don’t ya know, the novelty hasn’t worn off yet. He has asked to go out and shovel every day since!

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