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Amazing Discovery

December 1, 2010

Last week at the grocery store Monkey insisted that he did NOT like oranges when I picked up a bag of clementines to put in the cart.

“I’m sure you do. You haven’t had them since last winter and you love to drink orange juice. You can try just one.”

That day he put up a huge fight about eating one. I told him how they were like little puzzle-food that you get to pick apart with your fingers to eat. That didn’t help much. His mind was set. I insisted that he try one slice and then quoted a line from “Green Eggs and Ham.”

“Hey! I do like orange oranges, Sam I am!” he replied after finally taking a bite.


Fast forward a week to today.

While eating another clementine at lunch, Monkey exclaimed as if making some amazing discovery,

“Mom! There’s orange juice inside of these clementines!”

“Why yes there is, buddy. Hold that clementine up for me to see and I’ll let the world know about this new discovery!”

‘Click’ went my camera.

World, you ought to know…when searching for orange juice, look no further than the inside of your nearest clementine. =)

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