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November 29, 2010

The Chief and I dropped the boys off at our neighbors house and headed out to Allison’s Christmas Trees to go cut down our…well, Christmas tree, of course! It takes us about 45 minutes to get there, but it is so worth the drive! They give your tree a real spa treatment. As far as trees go anyhow. You’ll see what I mean.

When we got there, we couldn’t remember what kind of tree we like to get. The tree farm has six different choices, so that sure didn’t help either! We took a guess as to which kind it was and got on a tractor going toward the Frasier firs. Turns out, that was not the kind we liked. So instead of waiting patiently for the tractor to return, we went on an adventure.

The kind of adventure that had us cross a stream by means of a fallen log and hike up a really big hill.

The Chief was an awesome trailblazer. He really surprised me when I mentioned climbing up the hill. My incredible geek-man pulled out the GPS on his phone to make sure that was the hill that would take us back (our tractor ride was a rather curvy one down into the valley) and then led the way, saw in hand, without complaining about my crazy hiking idea.

We went up and up and then a little more up. Over some fallen logs, through some prickers, and then TA DA! There was a new field of trees! And a path.

Out of fear that we ended up in a field that no tractors were visiting that day (and would then have to lug the tree back to the shed) we decided to just walk all the way back and start over again. It was a good move.

So we got to the right field this time. Douglas Fir. Remember that, Karen! Next year, we go to the Douglas Fir section!

Within a few minutes, we found a lovely pear-shaped tree.  Thing is when the Chief got down to cut it, he found that the trunk wasn’t so great. As in it wasn’t even close to straight.

So that tree stayed and we found this one. Meet Douglas.

Yes, that’s right. Douglas. Our tree gets a name every year. Bob was our first. We’ve also housed Larry, Harry, and Fredrick. (I wish I could remember the others. They have all been male though).

After cutting Douglas, our very kind tractor driver helped us bring him to the trailer for the ride back to the shop.

The guys working at Allison’s are very kind and helpful.

Here comes the good part. Now that the tree is cut down he becomes the guest of honor. Douglas was going to the Christmas Tree Spa!

After Douglas was measured to be 6′ tall, the Chief went inside to pay. He asked if I wanted to come with him to warm up.

“And miss Douglas’s first massage? I can’t!”

“First massage? I hope he’s only getting one.”

The trees do only get one massage…I knew that. The word “first”  just slipped out of my mouth. I was thinking “baby’s first bath, baby’s first step”…you’ve got to get those on video too, so “Douglas’ first massage” seemed only natural to say.

So here it is. The Christmas tree equivalent of a massage table. They have two here. One free-standing and one attached to a little tractor. Douglas got the tractor treatment.

Here’s how it works. In all my years of cut-your-own trees, I had never seen anything like this.

After the massage, Douglas had to wait in line to get drilled. (Don’t worry, it sounds worse than it is…it’s just like getting your nails clipped, doesn’t hurt a bit!) Because of the wait, his handler went off to help someone else so the new guy didn’t realize Douglas already had a massage when he put him on the upright shaker. Thanks to the double massage, my tree was virtually dead-needle free!

So Douglas did get more than a “first massage” after all. =)

After the massage, comes the drilling. Drilling? A Christmas tree? Why ever for?

My days of standing back saying “left, no too much left, yea that’s good. No, wait. Move it forward a bit” are over! Allison’s sells this amazing tree stand called a “stand straight” stand. It’s pretty much a wide-base stand with a 6″ metal steak in the middle. The tree guys drill a hole in the trunk of the tree and when you get it home, it’s already straight! (Because they took care of that before drilling). All we have to do is line up the hole, and slide it on. Presto! Tree is up. No crawling under prickly needles while tightening 4 long screws into the tree’s trunk.

Here’s Douglas getting set up on the drill. Once straight, the drill went up the trunk and Douglas got his stand-hole.

Yep, that looks straight to me! Drill away.

But wait, this spa treatment isn’t over yet! Next comes the wrap through the baler. Oh does that baler make it so nice for transporting!

Massaged, drilled, and baled up, Douglas was ready for his limo ride home. Since we left the kiddos at the neighbor’s, Douglas was able to get acclimated to warmer weather inside our car instead of strapped down to the roof like a piece of luggage.

Have I mentioned yet how helpful the workers are?

A perfect fit.

Let’s go home.

Here’s a shot of the stand-straight tree stand. It is SO easy to put your tree up. Ten seconds. Seriously.

Monkey and Bruiser helped free Douglas from his bale.

To anyone who has brought home their own real tree, here is the best part of the spa treatment Douglas received:

This is all the needles I needed to sweep up. Not a trail from the door to the stand, not piles from brushing into the branches while tightening it into the stand. Just a few stray needles. Love it!

The boys were very eager to make Douglas handsome. They did a great job helping out. Douglas’ bling may be heavily concentrated in a few places, but he’s one happy tree!

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  1. November 29, 2010 6:12 pm

    We got a Frasier. That is our brand, every year. We usually get the first one we see, too. ; )

    I do not hate the needle drop at home. When vacuuming them up, they seem to make the house smell good.

    That massage kinda … weirded me out. ; P

    • December 1, 2010 6:50 am

      I’m pretty sure the only reason we get the Douglas is because that’s the kind I grew up with. It doesn’t seem quite right unless it’s a Douglas. =)

  2. Squirt's mom permalink
    November 29, 2010 7:04 pm

    makes me wish we were getting a real one this year. oh well, guess we’ll have to wait for next year.

    • December 1, 2010 6:51 am

      Just get a pine-scented candle…it’ll be just like the real thing…only less watering. You might feel better if you name it. =)

  3. jess permalink
    November 30, 2010 10:34 pm

    Ok, true story. When Bill was a teenager, their friend Doug had gotten busy with other things and wasn’t hanging out with them. So Bill and his friends got a clearance Douglas fir after Christmas, and took it all the old places they all used to go to together, and took photos. They even went down the playground slide with “Doug.” Probably my favorite story he tells. 🙂

    • December 1, 2010 6:48 am

      THAT is funny! And seems like a very male thing to do!

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