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Imagination Shows Up in the Strangest Places

November 26, 2010

The following phrases all came out of Bruiser’s mouth on different days. Just try and take a guess as to what he is describing. You’ll never guess. Each phrase is describing the same type of thing.

“Wook! It’s a Muhver and a Daddy and one, two, free babies!”

“Ooooo, a carrot!”

“It’s a turtle!”

“Hey it’s a train. One, two, free, four choo choos!”

“They’re like raisins.”

“Whoa, that’s a big one!”

“Is it a messy one?”

“Awe. It’s not a blue one. It’s a brown one. When do I get a blue one?”

So what do you think?

Need a hint? Ok. Click for your hint. (Then come back and read the rest)


Who is this kid anyhow?

Pretending that a paper towel tube is a telescope or a sword, sure. But pretending that your poop is a turtle?


I’ll admit, though. I’m always curious what the next day’s trip to the bathroom will bring.

But please, Bruiser, for the sake of all that is right, don’t  ever let it be blue!

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