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Sk8er Boy?

November 25, 2010

Took my littlest man on a date while Monkey was at his Kindergym class. I’ve enjoyed my weekly hour-long dates with Bruiser as much as Monkey has enjoyed playing with other kids his age.

On this day, I took my Bruiser on a skate date. Our town has a pretty nice skate park and since all the kids are in school in the middle of the day, it was a great time to go and play around.

We don’t have a skateboard, but I figured  the scooter was close enough. =)

He was more interested in watching the men that were climbing the cell tower.

Turns out that he’s not so great at riding a scooter yet, never mind riding it up a ramp.

“I’m supposed to ride this thing, down there? You’re kidding, right? I’ve got a better idea.”

“I’m gonna take this scooter…

…down the ramp, over to this puddle, and…

…throw it down! Take that, scooter! And stay there! I’ve got a better idea.”

“Yea, this is more like it.”

“Almost. There. I think I can…”

…not get over the hump.”


Poor boy has been rejected by the ramp.

Don’t worry, his sympathetic mama helped him up eventually. It turned out to be a pretty good slide.

“Hey, Buddy, after you walk the rail, come take a picture with me.”

“I take a picture.”

“Ok, you take a picture then we take one together.”

I kept telling him to point the camera up and he would just look up with his head. I have about seven pictures of my feet. I do love those shoes.

Just a little higher…

Bingo! One fuzzy picture of a hunched over mama. I think I should make this my new Facebook profile, no?

After having his turn with the camera, I sat him down next to me and then took the very best one-handed-reach-around picture I’ve ever taken.

I just think he’s the cutest thing around. And that “tough guy” hair gets me every time.

Our hour was up and it was time to leave.

We’ll be back in the spring…with better skating skills.

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