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Thank You Margaret and H.A. Rey

October 28, 2010

Last month when I asked Monkey what he wanted to be for Halloween it didn’t take him long to respond with “The man with the yellow hat.”

“Ok, I can do that,” I figured. I already had a straw safari hat that I could spray-paint yellow and after going through his closet, I found a yellow dress shirt and tie. I even found a pair of boots in the shoe bin that nearly fit. All that was left to do was find the pants. Turns out yellow pants aren’t so easy to find. Go figure! So I bought a pair of stone colored khaki’s for $3 at a consignment sale and dyed them yellow.

I didn’t ask Bruiser what he wanted to be, but rather just told him “Buddy, you get to dress up like Curious George this year!” He was thrilled. I pulled Monkey’s monkey costume from two years ago out of storage and voila! My own version of Margaret and H.A. Rey’s cartoon creations.

We went over to Squirt’s town tonight for some early trick-or-treating.

Squirt (who wouldn’t stand still she was so giddy to get going) was Snow White and Sport is that cutie little pumpkin.

Sport stayed awake for about 10 minutes before snuggling into his hood and dozing off.

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