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Simplify: The Basement

October 18, 2010

It’s the big one. The one I was dreading. I just had to get the basement cleaned out so I could proceed with the rest of decluttering my house. It only ended up taking half of a Saturday to do.

Here’s the transformation.





This side is still a bit cluttered, because of all the furniture. It’s stuck there for now until the basement renovation is finished. That’s why I didn’t bother wiping off all the dirt either. I know it’ll just get worse when the drywall goes up!



All those bins stacked there are full of thing to sell at our garage sale next spring.

Open Space!

I put down some more carpet remnants and now I’ve got oodles of space to keep stacking bins as I continue to declutter room by room. Ah, it sure does feel good!

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