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October 8, 2010
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I would like to introduce you to Squirt’s little brother who is four months old.  He’s a sport. He doesn’t get much of a choice, really. When I’m carting Monkey, Bruiser and Squirt off to the library or the gym, Sport tags along. When the three older ones are whining for lunch sometimes Sport just has to fuss for five minutes before getting his bottle. I can tolerate one crying baby for five minutes better than I can tolerate three whining children for twenty minutes.

Sport has an adorable giggle and some seriously beautiful blues. He can make a drool bomb with the best of them and is turning out to be a left-handed thumb sucker. Poor little guy is losing the curls he was born with. I do hope when his new hair comes in those curls will return. Bald patches or not, he sure is a cutie. I’m so glad I get to play with him three times a week!

Can I have another, please?

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