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Copy Cat Apples

October 2, 2010

I’m not a very crafty – type person. I can make things, sure. It’s the coming up with the idea in the first place, that I’m not so good at. God made each of us with the ability to be creative. He made us in His image, after all. Just take a look at all He was able to create. We often confuse creativity with being crafty or artsy. I think that is really a misconception. Being creative is really just the ability to create new things (or ideas). My creative ability comes more in terms of learning and education. I like to come up with different games or ways to learn a concept than plain old reading and answering questions.

Ok, back to crafty…I like art. I like crafts. I like to make things. I am not good at coming up with what to make all on my own. What I do like to do is find good ideas and copy them in my own way. Here’s an example for you.

Here is a portrait collage of Monkey when he was 4 months old. (I just took a picture of it hanging on the wall). It cost me $40 (after the coupon) to have it done by a professional photographer. I love how the pictures came out. I love how it was put together. I did not love the price.

When Bruiser was born I knew I wanted to do a “baby parts” collage just like Monkey’s. The thing was that I didn’t want to spend $40+ (no coupon this time) and I didn’t want to cart an 18 month old Monkey along to the studio with me and get suckered into buying more photos than I wanted/could afford.

So, I just copied the “baby parts” concept idea and made one of my own.

I took my little boy out to the back yard and took pictures of him on a bed sheet. Spent $4 to print an 8×10 and $10 on a white frame.

Copying. That I can do.

When I saw these Faux Apple Cupcakes in Family Fun magazine, I knew right away I had to make them.

Now, I am not the type of gal who wants to make every cute thing she sees.  But I wanted to make these, because I already had a crate just like that and red frosting sitting in the freezer leftover from Bruiser’s firetruck birthday cake. I pulled open my spice drawer to see how many red-foil cupcake papers I had leftover from Valentine’s day about five years ago and also found a full bottle of red sprinkles. When I went downstairs to the pantry, I discovered one last box of cake mix. I had ALL the ingredients except for the tootsie rolls! How often does that happen? Yep, this was a project I could do, and for cheap!

The defrosted frosting (ok, that’s a weird word combination!) worked out better than I would have guessed.

After cutting a hole in the top to help make the apple shape, we frosted it and then sprinkled on the sugar before sticking in some shaped Tootise rolls.

Monkey was a great decorator for the first six or so cupcakes before he grew tired of waiting for me to frost them. So I let him take a few pictures with my camera while I frosted some more.

My frosting was getting a little drippy, so we had to start putting them in the fridge.

It was a fun little project that turned out really cute. And it really didn’t take that much extra time than regular cupcakes.

From cute idea

to cute cupcakes.

Now what to do with all these frosted apple cupcakes?

Give them to the teachers, of course! I brought them into school and set them on the table for the teachers to enjoy. They must have, because my crate came back empty!

Thank you, Sarah, for the magazine subscription! I’m loving it =)


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