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Playing the Game of Baseball by Chris & Kimberly Maiocco

August 3, 2010

Monkey is a wee bit in love with Baseball. He plays baseball in some form nearly every day. His favorite team is the Red Sox. The Chief would have it no other way!

I was excited to find this book on the shelf of our local Christian bookstore while browsing through to look for books for the boys Easter baskets. It would be hard to go wrong with a baseball book for Monkey.

I was pleasantly surprised how well the Maiocco’s took the game of baseball and used it to teach truths from God’s Word. Christ, himself used many analogies in his teaching to better explain his Father’s truths. In a similar way, these talented authors paired God’s truths to a sport my son truly enjoys. It has really helped him better understand what things like “a friend loves at all times” and “encourage one another” mean in a practical situation. This book is also one that the Chief really enjoys reading to the boys. It is a good tool for Dad’s to learn how to apply scripture to everyday situations.

The story follows Michael as he prepares for and plays in his baseball game. He struggles with being prideful and faces some disappointments, but his teammates are encouraging¬† and they all work together to do the best they can. Each page has a paragraph of story, an illustration, a pop out “tip” box, and a scripture passage.

I don’t know too much about baseball history and those who played the sport, but I do think it’s pretty cool that all-star pitcher, John Smoltz, wrote the forward to the book including his salvation testimony. In the back of the book is a baseball diamond laid out with different verses at each base that show the plan of salvation.

If your kiddo isn’t as interested in baseball as mine is, perhaps a similar book about a different sport would peak his interest. This title is one of four in the “Things My Father Taught Me Through Sports…” series.

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