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The Black Pot

July 26, 2010

Squirt’s mom and I were just talking about the pot calling the kettle black the other day. It seems as though our young children have both become quite good at pointing out faults in others…the very same ones that they posses.

Tonight Monkey got out of bed and asked me if he could use the bathroom.

“Yes, of course. You may always use the bathroom. You don’t have to ask me, just go and get right back into bed.”

So he went and took care of his monkey business and started back to his room. However, he took a little detour as I found out when I heard him coming back to me.

“I told you to go right back to bed.”

“I just thought you should know I peeked through the crack, and Bruiser is not in his bed.”

Bruiser is not in his bed? What about you? Are you in your bed?”

“But mom, (nothing good EVER comes after “but mom”) he is not obeying!”

“So what you’re telling me, as you stand here in front of me instead of in your bed, is that you peeked inside Bruiser’s room and he is not obeying because he is out of his bed?”


“Monkey, (take deep breath) go-back-to-bed.”

Shockingly, all I got was a small sigh as he turned and went back to bed. I was truely floored that the whining didn’t contuine. We ARE making progressive steps!

Monkey has now reached the age where these tattle-tale stories come several times a day. And quite often, the very thing that he is tattling about is also an offense of his.

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