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Why You Should Put It Away

July 20, 2010

This is a perfect example as to why you should put the newspaper in the recycle bin when you are finished reading it.

And especially don’t leave it on the floor where this can happen!

Here is why we will be using nothing but Crayola Washable markers in this house for several more years.

Poor Bruiser…he tries so hard to get those scissors to work for him! It doesn’t help that even I probably couldn’t have cut through that much paper. =)

Don’t ya love the crown? He made it at VBS this week and has been wearing it a lot! I’ve already had to make a few repairs to it.

Sure it was a mess, but I was actually really glad that they took the initiative to do something “crafty” all on their own. It used to be a punishment to get them to color! After all the coloring and cutting, Monkey asked me to make him a paper airplane just like the one in his Curious George book. I was never very good at making those things. Still aren’t, as I found out!

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