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Genius Defined

July 19, 2010

Bruiser:  (sits down in his chair and pulls himself to the table)

Monkey: You’re a genius!

Bruiser: I not genius!

Monkey: Yes, you’re a genius! (laughing)

Bruiser: No! I not genius! (starting to get mad)

Repeat above dialogue at least two more times.

Twighee: (interrupting) What is a genius?

Monkey: When you get batteries in your spaceship and it goes to the sun.

Bruiser: (chuckling) No, that’s not genius!

Twighee: I don’t know, Buddy, I think that’s pretty close. If anyone ever figures out how to get a spaceship to the sun on batteries, I’d call that genius!

(Twighee continues with a much less interesting conversation about what a genius really is…)

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