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Centreville Island

July 15, 2010

Saturday morning we took a stroll to the subway station to head on our way to Centreville Island.

The boys really could have been just as happy roaming beneath the city all day long.

After a ferry ride to the island we strolled around checking things out first. At the center of the island is an old-timey amusement park. The kind where you buy individual tickets for each ride (or a really expensive ride-all-day pass). After mapping out which rides we were going to buy tickets for, we stopped for lunch.

Bruiser had no qualms about plopping down on the grassy park to eat.

But pretty boy here, would have none of it. He said it was too dirty to sit on the ground.

The boys kept wondering why the seagulls kept coming over by us. So I told Monkey to go and throw them a piece of his hot dog bun and he would find out why.

I love free entertainment!

After the birds were fed it was finally time for the rides.

I figured it would be a good idea to put Bruiser in the back so he could watch how his brother was being good and staying seated the whole time. There were no seatbelts on this ride and Bruiser has a very tough time staying seated.

We had no trouble with him trying to get out. He just sat there steering the dummy wheel and clanging the life out of that bell.

Mr. Sensitive Ears, up front, was not so appreciative of the loud ringing. Next time they ride something like this again, I’ll know to put Monkey in the back.

We saved the most thrilling ride for last.

They were the first  ones in and oh so excited to get going!

Then they had to wait and wait for everyone else to get buckled in and situated. And then they had to wait some more while a screaming kid got off. And then wait while another kid got on. It was a good lesson in patience for them.

And the waiting paid off!

Next, it was off to the garden.

They had a big garden filled with vegetables and lovely flowers. They taught about gardening and had little cans for the kids to give the plants a drink.

We continued on our journey across the island and made it to the beach! Silly us, didn’t really think that the island would have beach we could swim at. Duh! We just looked up the other activities to do on the island. So we were totally unprepared to go swimming.

That didn’t really seem to bother the kids. Rolling up Bruiser’s long shorts was pretty much pointless.

The water from lake Ontario was FREEZING!!! I’m used to swimming in cold Atlantic Ocean water off the coast of New Hampshire…this was colder. Numbing. I guess it helped that the air was about 90 degrees that day.

Bruiser stood there rather shocked, and genuinely concerned, about what those kids were doing to their sister.

Monkey made some new friends.

And he turned out to be a pretty good side-arm frisbee thrower!

He also quickly discovered that a stick made a pretty good writing instrument, but got frustrated when the water kept washing away his “I.”

So I showed him how to move up the beach a bit.

That did the trick.

And so he wrote. And wrote.

And wrote and wrote and wrote….the letter “I.”

“I, I, I, I, I.”

He was a pretty proud guy.

On our way back wandering across the island we stumbled upon this pretty awesome wading pool with fountains.

I took Monkey for a spin while Bruiser wandered off and did his own thing.

Around and around then,

put him down and

laugh as he stumbles and falls!

Then come the words “Again! Again!” Of course, little bother now hears the fun and wants a turn as well.

More dizziness, an overpriced ice cream and a long walk later:

We had two konked out kids for the ferry ride back.

It was a good day.

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