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Well, The Quiet Sure Didn’t Last

July 14, 2010

Here is how A Quiet Lunch for Mom ended:

45 minutes into the whole clean-up battle I went and told the boys that I would be setting the timer for 5 minutes. It was getting to be past nap-time and still they hadn’t picked up their toys to eat lunch.

“If your toys are not picked up by the time the timer beeps, you will go straight for your nap with no lunch. If you choose to do the right thing and clean your toys quickly, you may come eat lunch.”

Monkey got a move on while Bruiser just laid on the floor hugging his beloved blanket. I told Bruiser again what would happen and helped him put a few cars into his bin.

When the timer went off one of them got to go to the table while the other went straight to bed.

Bruiser has always had a more stubborn streak than Monkey (yes, he is more like his mother) and I have a feeling this is not the first lesson he will have to learn the hard way.

Your parents always warn you that you’ll end up with a kid just like you. It’s certainly true in our case!

Twenty minutes of full out screaming, sweating, thrashing, and snot dripping later, Bruiser konked out in his bed. He will have another opportunity to clean his toys and eat his lunch when he wakes up.

I’m praying that this whole episode will stick in his memory for many times to come and that he realizes when Mommy tells him to do something (especially when it is a commandment from the Bible) he is expected to do it quickly, sweetly, and completely.

Oh, how I hate these tough lessons!

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  1. July 14, 2010 1:35 pm

    We just talked about Quickly, Sweetly, and Completely in our bible study yesterday. I think it is a good way to teach kids to obey. It’s positive, yet still Biblical.

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