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Red Sox Beat Blue Jays 14-3

July 13, 2010

After eating some Pizza Pizza before entering the ball park,

and of course cleaning the table like a good boy should,

we continued on our way to the Rogers Centre in Toronto, Ontario where the Blue Jays call home.

The Rogers Centre is located right at the base of the CN tower and has a Renaissance Hotel built right into it. It has a permenant half-dome and a retractable roof that covers the other half. Thankfully the rain from the morning stopped before game time, so we could enjoy an open-sky view of the game.

Bruiser proved to be quite the follower, clapping whenever anyone else did. The Blue Jays fans in front of us loved it, because he clapped more for their team than ours.

He was rewarded by them with a piece of cotton candy that their girls shared with him.

And of course they shared some with Monkey too. I love friendly people at ball games!

Before the game got started, we asked a guy to take our picture. We try to get a family picture at each ball game we go to. Since the CN tower was right behind us, I asked him if he could try to get it in the picture too. I shouldn’t have asked. It ended up in a very awkwardly composed snapshot.

“No, boys…you’ve got to look at the camera for just a minute.”

Attempt #2: picture taker man says “um, I think it’s too dark.” Then hands me the camera to fix it. I force the flash to stay on.

Attempt #3: Monkey is too interested in what’s happening on the field.

Attempt #4: I wish he just gave up on the CN tower thing and went for a better picture of us so we weren’t cropped off right below the shoulders. Ah well…lesson learned. At least the Chief looks good!

Monkey LOVES baseball. Baseball is to Monkey like construction is to Bruiser. He is a great buddy to bring along to a game. He will sit there intently watching and asking questions wanting to soak in everything he possibly can.

Bringing Bruiser to a ball game (no matter how many runs your team scores) is not as enjoyable of an experience. He will sit still in his seat as long as there is food to put in his mouth. Once the food runs out, his parking meter has expired and he is ready to get up and walk around. I spent a good third of the game walking around the concourse with him. When we weren’t out walking we were in our seats eating or doing silly stuff like this:

We sat in the non-alcoholic family section (right next to the left field foul pole) and right in the concourse behind us were some fun things for the kids to do when they just couldn’t sit anymore.

Monkey was pretty awesome at this home run derby game.

Directly in front of our seats was an incredible view of the CN tower. At night it got lit up with white and red lights and you could see the elevators shooting up and down.

The inside of the park is a full circle. It was a little strange to have the seats arranged like that.

To our left was the jumbo-tron surrounded by Renaissance hotel rooms. I wonder what those rooms cost on a game night!?

So one more ball park was crossed of our list this weekend. And one more happy memory made.

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