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Wet Friday in Toronto

July 12, 2010

We took a little three-day vacation to Toronto, Ontario this past weekend. We chose Toronto because we have a vacation goal of visiting all the major league ball parks.  When possible, we like to see the Red Sox play at each park. So far we have been to Fenway, PNC Park, Camden Yards, Citizen’s Bank Park, Jacob’s Field, Nationals Park, Great American Ball Park, and Angels Stadium. The chief has also been to Enron Park (back when it was called that) and I’ve visited Miller Park. But we’ve decided that neither of those count because we didn’t do them together. This Friday we were able to knock Rogers Centre off our list.

Before going to the game at night, we did some sightseeing during the day. One of the boys favorite sights was right outside our hotel window.

It was a nice view just because we were right in the middle of downtown and the tall buildings were all around us. But what some would consider an “unsightly” view, was the best we could have asked for.

A demolition site. It was a constant concern of Bruisers as to whether the excavator was on or off. Every time we entered into the room he would run straight to the window to check the status of the digger. It’s really all he asked for when he found out about vacation. He wanted to make sure he could see some trucks. While we were pretty certain that he would be able to see some construction trucks on the road, we had no idea that God would answer our little boy’s request so thoroughly. Bruiser got his “truckins” and Monkey got his baseball.

Friday morning we hopped on the Subway (which the boys loved) and headed to another part of downtown. We heard about this giant bargain store thing. Normally we aren’t too into shopping while on vacation, but it was raining and we didn’t have tons of money to spend doing another indoor activity. So we headed over to “Honest Ed’s.”

This place was HUGE!

We were just happy to get inside somewhere since we didn’t have any rain gear.

I’m a big bargain hunter. I thought this would be totally up my ally and I would find more things I wanted than I could carry home. Not the case. I have never seen so much cheaply made JUNK in all my life. It was really like the worst Dollar Store you’ve ever been into that charges three times as much.

I was glad to just be out of the rain and taking in a new experience. But all we left with was two Jones sodas, 3 snack sized chips and a bag of seasame sticks that we munched on for the next few days. If you’re ever in Toronto, I don’t recommend taking the trip to Honest Ed’s.

By the time we were done with Ed’s the rain had stopped and we got to enjoy a long walk back through the city.

Ed’s happened to be right on the edge of Korea Town. It is times like this that we sure do miss Lois. There were so many yummy looking restaurants that had menu’s that were too intimidating for chickens like us to go into. We needed our Korean daughter to translate for us!

This “little bit of everything Asian” resturant next to the “Yankee Stuff” store just made me chuckle. What is a Yankee store doing in Korea Town?

We stopped to watch this little kid have a blast chasing pigeons and then bought a bubble tea.

Bruiser slurped it right up, tapioca balls and all. He never even chewed them…straight down the hatch.

Monkey, on the other hand, thought it was great that he could suck up “fruit snacks” with his drink.

Once back at the hotel, we got dressed for swimming in the hotel pool and ate a light lunch (and checked out the construction, of course).

After wearing them out in the pool it was time for a late nap before the ball game.

…ball-game edition tomorrow…

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  1. July 12, 2010 8:45 pm

    I’m so glad you went to Friday night’s game!! I looked for you while I watched. It was a fun game for the boys to see, I would think. I enjoyed it!
    I didn’t see you on t.v, though.

    • July 12, 2010 10:06 pm

      We were by the left field foul pole 4 rows back, but all the way on the end of the row. One of the HR’s hit that pole so that would have been the best time to spot us, but I think we might have been too far out of the picture. I spent about half of the game out of my seat walking Bruiser around. He’s not one for ball games. He’d rather just wander around the concourse or eat junk. =)

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