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Owen’s Walk by Karen Hill

July 6, 2010

When Noonah came to visit us after her spring semester she brought each of the boys a book from her college bookstore. I fell in love with this one on the first read. It is a simple allegory about our Christian walk and how the Lord provides for us.

Owen is a little boy who is visiting his grandmother. When it is time for him to go home, his grandma packs him a bag with a lunch, a few supplies, and a Book of Signs to help him on his way. As long as he stays on the path and follows the Book of Signs he will make it home safely.

Owen has a few adventures along the way, but whenever he needs help he just looks at his Book of Signs for guidance. And don’t ya know, he makes it home safely to his Dad at the end!

The last pages of the book show the contents of Owen’s backpack and the pages of his Book of Signs complete with scripture verses. Monkey’s favorite part of the book is the fold-out map at the end. It shows the path that Owen took from his grandmothers house to his house including all the landmarks and adventures he had along the way.

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