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A Very ‘Ro-tic’ Picnic

July 1, 2010

One summer while at camp my friend, Kelly, and I were walking together. We crossed over a pretty arched bridge that stretched across a lovely little stream. We stopped on the middle and just talked for a little bit. Part of the conversation went something like this:

“It’s so pretty right here.”


“Kinda romantic even.”

“Uh huh. Except neither of us have a man, so I guess that makes it more ro-tic.” *snicker, snicker*


“Ya know. Romantic without the man is just ro_ _ _tic.”

*giggle, giggle*

You may now groan. I apologize for my stupid teenage self. And I have absolutely no idea which one of us came up with the ro-tic idea. Not even going to guess.

This story has a point, I promise. Ya see, I went on a picnic today with someone I love very much.

It wasn’t anything romantical like this.

It didn’t have to be. The someone (someones, actually)  I love very much aren’t so big into dressing up and eating with silverware.

Today, we took our food on a little walk to eat by a big cloud of dust.

It certainly isn’t your typical picnic atmosphere.

It’s not a place I recommend taking the love of your life.

Unless those loves are little boys.

This afternoon we ate here:

Yes, that’s right. The very best place my boys could think to have a picnic is at a construction site. We sat and watched this excavator dig and dig and dig.

I had to actually remind Bruiser to eat his lunch. Oh, and the excitement when the excavator took the little scoop off (you can see the scoop resting on the ground behind it) to exchange it for a bigger scoop. They almost lost it! Neither one of them could contain themselves. Monkey kept asking why he was doing it and how he did it. My answers of “the man pushes some levers and buttons” were not nearly as comprehensive as he was looking for.

Bruisers reaction to the whole account went something like this:

“Eckavator not digging. Eckavator stopped. Uh-oh scoop. Mommy, scoop off! Eckavator broken. ‘Nother scoop! Big scoop. Eckavator digging ghen (again)! More digging!”

And if you thought all that was exciting, just take a look at what was going on to the right of us.

We stayed there for 45 minutes. I just couldn’t take it anymore. All the questions! If they could just sit there and be happy watching, I’d bring a book along and we could spend two hours there every day. I’m tapped out. I’ve taught them everything I know about backhoes, bulldozers, rollers, excavators, dump trucks, and loaders. We’ve checked out library books on the topic too. I think the next step is downloading an instruction manual to learn how to drive them!

Who needs romantic? Sometimes it’s better to just go somewhere dusty and ro-tic.

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