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Bruiser’s Potty Day

June 16, 2010

So, I’ve been a little busy lately. First it was coordinating the Flea Market at our school then it was immediately off to Massachusetts for my sister-in-law’s graduation. We got back Monday night and Tuesday was a laundry and shopping day. Today is day one of Bruiser’s potty training. We are going on a short vacation in a few weeks and I really need to get him trained before we go. The calendar for the rest of the summer isn’t so forgiving either. It’s pretty much now or in October.

Bruiser has been asking to use the potty for some time now. I was planning on teaching him in April, right after Easter, but we had quite the bout of sickness in our house at that time. Since then there just hasn’t been a long enough block of time. I used the 3 Day Potty Training Method with Monkey and it worked well so we’re going that route with Bruiser as well. It is three days of complete exhaustion, but I’m so glad to get it over with quickly instead of making it drag on for weeks.

I started out the day explaining to Monkey what would be going on and that it would be hard for him because Mommy would have to stay with Bruiser all day. I told him that they are both growing up and that Bruiser wants to learn how to be a big boy and that I have to teach him how to use the potty. I also told Monkey that he was growing up too and he was also going to get a new responsibility today. I will post all about Monkey’s new responsibility later…after I’m not so tied down to Bruiser.

Bruiser was so eager to start, when I told Monkey to go get dressed, Bruiser came out half naked. I didn’t want to introduce all the potty training stuff until after breakfast, so this is how my little trainee ate his cereal this morning:

The hardest part of the day by far was dealing with Monkey’s jealousy over all the attention Bruiser was getting. It was a lot less tiring to train Monkey with a nursing baby than it is to train Bruiser with a jealous preschooler around. All in all the day went well. I think the score ended up being around 4/12. Not too bad. One of those times he even told me he needed to go and then actually went when he got on the potty! That was the best moment of the day. Followed closely by the time he stopped his pee and told me he needed to go, but then never finished on the potty. He is definitely becoming aware of the muscles that make this whole operation work.

The 45 minutes before dinner were spent running back and forth to the potty because he kept telling me he needed to poop. He would sit for 5 min and then say “all done.” He hadn’t pooped since yesterday, so I knew he was due. It was false alarm after false alarm.

Two minutes after sitting down to eat he said it again. There was just no way I was going to keep taking him to the bathroom. I needed a break and some food! My solution was this:

I turned his chair around and used the foot stool as a table and had him sit on the potty while he ate. He didn’t complain a bit. In fact he hasn’t cried about this potty thing once. The only tears I got from him today was when I told him “No, we can’t go outside to play today. We can go out once you’ve learned how to use the potty.”

Tomorrow it starts all over again…hopefully he will remember some of what he learned today and I will have the patience and energy to make it through another day.

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