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It’s Just Not Like Me

June 2, 2010

I did something totally uncharacteristic for me today. We were driving home from Walmart (no, it’s not that) and one of the boys asked to drive by the construction trucks. I happily obliged (nope, that’s pretty normal too). While we drove by ever so slowly I saw a dump truck getting filled up with dirt. Then I looked in the rear-view mirror (since I was driving so slow) and saw two more empty trucks pull up behind me.

“Let’s stop for a minute and watch.”

“Yea!!!” screamed the three little voices from behind.

I think I need to back this story up for some of you…

About a five minute walk from our house is Freedom Square. It’s a little shopping plaza with a CVS, Crazy Mocha, Simply Yogurt, a diner, and Chinese place. We visit there all too frequently. (The fire station is also right next door which is a big attraction for my two little boys). Anyhow….Several weeks ago a whole bunch of construction trucks showed up and started clearing the land next to the plaza. Several times now we have gone for a walk just to see the trucks digging. Once we even packed a picnic lunch to eat by the dusty site as we listened to the loud beeping of the trucks. Certainly not the kind of picnic you would want to take your ‘someone special’ too, unless your ‘someone special’ happens to be a 2-yr old boy.

Fast forward to a seemingly unrelated part of the story: The Chief has been hard at work ripping up ugly, overgrown and partially dead shrubbery from one side of our house. He’s got 2.5 out of 4 stumps dug up and it all looks oh-so-much better now! The lawn on that side of the house does not drain so well as evidenced by the icky stuff on our garage wall. The Chief really wanted to get a truck-load of dirt to build up the lawn and get water to drain away from the house.

Back to today watching dump trucks haul dirt while sitting in the parking lot with three children in the van.

I watched the excavator load dirt into the dump truck. (Yes, it was an excavator and yes, I do know the difference between a bulldozer, backhoe, loader, and excavator – I have boys. We go to the library. I read their books to them. Enough said.) As I watched for a moment, I wondered where they were bringing that dirt. Was it being used for fill somewhere else or just being discarded? Knowing that a truckload of dirt could be quite pricey, something took over and made me be bold enough to go talk to the truck driver. I quick called the Chief to ask what he thought about it, and after getting the ok, ran to the truck before he drove away.

“Alright kids, I’m going to go talk to the dump truck driver. You all stay in the car, (as if they knew how to unbuckle themselves) I’ll leave the air on for you, and I’ll be right back. You can watch me the whole time.”

I walked the 20 feet over to the truck driver and talked to him. Yes, I actually voluntarily talked to a stranger! This is NOT something I do. And wouldn’t you know, he was a really nice guy! He was just a sub-contractor and wasn’t able to make any kind of decision on his own, but was happy to take my name and number to give to his boss.

When I got back to the car, Bruiser was very excited that Mommy got to talk to a real dump truck driver! I was rather excited that I did it too.

At lunchtime I prayed about the dirt. I just wasn’t sure about getting a giant truckload of dirt in our yard. I mean these are BIG trucks! I asked God to make the right thing happen. If getting this dirt would be a good choice would He please allow the guy to call me back and deliver the dirt. If not, he didn’t even need to call.

After dinner I got a call from Mike, the project manager, who just so happens to live a few streets away from me. He thinks it will work out, he just wants to drive by the house and see if his truck will fit alright. If the weather cooperates (it’s been very thunder-stormy lately) we should have one giant mound of dirt in our side yard in a couple of days.

Today, I’ve been thanking the Lord for dirt. Who knew I could get so excited over something as silly as a truck load of dirt. I guess there’s a little bit of 2-yr old boy inside of me too. =)

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