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Monkey’s Knowledge of Giving Birth

May 27, 2010

Part of our breakfast prayer this morning went something like this:

Me: “And please help Squirt’s mom and Kayla’s mom to be patient while they wait for their new babies. We pray they would come soon and be healthy.”

Monkey interjected: “and that it wouldn’t hurt.”

I don’t really recall ever talking in any sort of detail about childbirth to Monkey, but apparently he knows it’s not easy!

Later, while I was cleaning up the breakfast dishes, Monkey was playing doctor with his OoOo. (His favorite stuffed monkey). I got a call from Squirt’s Mom (black shirt above) to see if I could come get Squirt because she had been having contractions for a while and was going to go to the hospital. I showered quickly and got the boys dressed.

“Boys, get your shoes on and go sit by the door.”

Monkey obeyed right away and I praised him for it. Just as he sat down, he looked over and saw his doctor kit sitting all spread out on the floor.

“Oh, no. I forgot to clean up my doctor!” Monkey proclaimed.

I was shocked by his sudden need to be neat, especially at a time when we needed to get out the door quickly, but very thankful at the same time.

“Go hurry and clean it up while I put your brother’s shoes on. See if you can beat me!”


I was showered and dressed and got the boys dressed in 20 minutes. Very pleased. Of course, my hair was soaked and I had no make-up, but that didn’t matter.

On the car ride over to get Squirt, I explained that Squirt’s mom was going to go to the hospital to see if it was time for the baby to come. I wish I could have recorded the conversation we had. Here is what I remember from it:

“Why does she have to go to the hospital?” Monkey asked.

“She thinks it might be time for the baby to come and the doctor that will help her is at the hospital.”

“How long is the hospital? Like five minutes?”

“No, it takes longer than that to get there. I’m not sure exactly, maybe about thirty minutes.”

“And the doctor is at the hospital?”


“My doctor?”

“No, Squirt’s mom has a different doctor.”

“Does he have a doctor kit there?”

“Yes, he does. It is a special one for babies.”

“And you go to the hospital when you have a boo boo.”

“Well, hospitals are for very bad boo boo’s or when you are really sick. Mommies can fix regular boo boo’s and colds. Some people go there to have their babies too.”

“Yea, because it hurts like a big boo boo.”

“Uh, yea, buddy. Something like that.”

After that last comment we pulled into the driveway. Just in time too, because I didn’t really want to continue that conversation any further!

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