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Camera in the Phone? How Handy!

May 22, 2010

Several years ago, when I had a paying job and a commute, I would listen to a lot of talk radio. There was one local DJ (do you call talk-radio hosts DJ’s?) who always got on his soap box about camera phones. This was at the time when they were first starting to put cameras in all the cell phones. His big complaint was “get the phone to work first, then add the camera.” I totally agreed with him and just wanted awesome reception before adding all sorts of other gizmos. “If I want to take a picture, I’ll use my digital camera. It’s already the size of a phone and super easy to transport!” I reasoned. I rarely took pictures with any phone I had (I’ve only had 2 phones with a camera on them anyhow) until about a year ago.

A little over a year ago was the first time we got a plan with texting and it included picture messages with it. Taking pictures with my phone instead of a camera actually seemed to have a purpose for me now.  I’ve since changed my position about having a camera in my phone.

Here are some of the times I’ve found it handy to have a camera phone & a plan that does picture messaging:

1. When you’re at church and someone has given your baby a piece of candy to hold and he finds a better place to put it.

2. When you’re at Target at 3:30 and neither of your children have napped yet.

3. When your camera battery dies and your baby has eaten all the middles out of his hot dogs.

4. When your eldest looks too cool to just have fallen asleep in his carseat.

5. When four friends get together and are sitting “still” and the closest camera is in the house.

6. When the kid’s t-shirt means exactly what it says.

7. When you’re at a flea market and Monkey finds just the right pair of shoes.

8. When he’s being such a good helper.

9. When Bruiser lives up to his name and you take him to the ER for the egg on his forehead.

10. When it’s too cute to pass up.

11. When you’re making apple crisp and you miss your girl who is away at college. You snap a picture and send it along with a note saying you love and miss her. And would she please come home, because this goes a lot faster when she’s here!

12.When you want to share all your amazing Black Friday deals with your friends.

13. When the housekeeper makes your kid’s stuffed monkey feel as welcome as you feel.

14. When you have an impulse buy at the dollar store and you feel guilty so you must confess to a friend.

15. When Monkey and Squirt are playing nicely and if you leave to get your good camera a fight will have broken out by the time you come back.

16. When you weren’t expecting a cute photo opportunity on a sunny January day.

17. When you walk up behind Monkey and catch him red-handed.

19. When the eldest climbs into bed with the youngest to read him a story.

20. When people keep asking you how you manage to take three kids under 3 years of age for a walk on the busy street.

21. When that same walk leads you to Crazy Mocha and they look so sweet again!

And again…

22. When Bruiser isn’t happy about having to share his drink with his mom.

And then when he gets to sip it all by himself.

23. When your friend has an ultrasound and sends you a 3D picture of her unborn baby.

24. When Bruiser’s Aunt gets him an awesome hat for his birthday and it would be better to send her this picture than a note written by his mom.

25. When two friends come together for a worthy cause. Save the whales!

I certainly use my regular camera much more than my phone. But when it’s not around, I’m sure glad I can snap a quick picture with my phone – even if the quality isn’t all that great.

Have you been able to get some real gems on your phone too?

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