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Our Little 8′ x 8′ Garden

May 17, 2010

Every good garden starts by loosening up the soil from previous years to get it ready for new seeds. If your garden is tended by a preschooler this means that mom does all the hard work while the kid makes divots and piles of dirt with his sandbox shovel.

I’ll share a little secret with you. . . If you first cover your foot with soil

then pat it down real good, it makes your helper happier. And trust me, a happy helper is the kind you want! Alright, enough shenanigans! It’s time to plant this garden!

Monkey, we’ve got to take care of all these holes and hills. First, take your rake and smooth out all the dirt.

Very good.

Yes, ok, you can say good bye to your father. Thanks for the dirt, hun!

This is going to be our most diverse garden ever! The first year we did beans, tomatoes, and cucumbers. The second year we scaled back to just beans and tomatoes because the cucumbers didn’t grow. This year, I’m going crazy…we’re planting FIVE different things! (Can you hear the sarcasm in that last sentence?) Tomatoes, carrots, beans, zucchini, and cucumbers.

Which would you like to plant first?

Carrots? You’ve got it, buddy.

I’m not holding my breath over the carrots. Our soil is mostly clay and carrots like it a bit more sandy. That and Monkey may have dropped more than one or two of those tiny seeds per hole. If the carrots do grow they just may end up choking each other out. I’ve decided I’ll just use that as a lesson for him not to put too many seeds in one hole next time.

“Right here, mom? Like this?”

“Yup, you’ve got it. Just put it right in. After we put them all in, we’ll go back and cover them up.”

Just like his mama, he talked his way through it.

“There you go tiny seed, into your hole.”

Once they were all planted, I told him to cover them up with the dirt.

“Here ya go tiny seed. Have some covers. Ni-night.”

He’s going to be a good dad someday. =)

Next, we moved on to the beans. I knew he would be better with these since the seeds were so much bigger. I dumped the seeds into his bucket so they were easier to get without spilling.

I made the holes and he walked along and dropped a seed into each one. Half way through he told me they looked like tic-tac’s and wanted to eat one. I told him he could but they would taste yucky. He tried anyways and promptly spit it out. He learns just like his mama…stubborn and has to test it out for himself.

After the beans, we moved on to the zucchini and cucumbers. I really hope the cuc’s grow this year, because off all thing things we planted they are my favorite!

I bought the tomato plants already, but they won’t be here until Friday.

I think the watering was Monkey’s favorite part. Good thing too, because he will need to do it many more times.

Hmmm, perhaps I should have evened out the soil a little bit better before we started watering…

That’s it, Monkey, nice and even. Oi! Good news, zucchini, You’re not going to be thirsty!

We picked just the right day to plant our garden, too. There has been a nice steady rain all day today. What a good start for our seeds. I’m looking forward to teaching Monkey about the responsibilities of a garden as we see it grow. I’ve already started praying that he will get to see some good “fruit” for his labor.


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