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A Very Delayed ‘Thank You’

May 17, 2010

I just put Monkey into bed and he came out only a minute later to tell me that his flashlight needed new batteries. (He is allowed to read a book to his stuffed monkey before he turns out his light and goes to sleep).

After installing new batteries and giving it back to him I stood there in the doorway for a moment waiting for some expression of gratitude. When none came I asked him,

“Was there anything you wanted to say to me?”

After a brief pause of contemplation he responded.

“What was my verse again?”

“Your Bible verse?”

“Uh huh.”

“Our church verse for the month is Jeremiah 33:3.” I quoted it for him then asked, “is that the one you are talking about?”

“No. I mean my other one.”

“Your Sunday School verse?’

“Yes, that one. What is it?”

I couldn’t remember what it was so I excused myself to go and look it up. When I returned, I quoted that one to  him.

“Is that the one you were looking for?”

“Oh, yes yes! That’s the one.”

“Ok. Glad to help. Now, was there anything you wanted to say to me about your flashlight?”

“Thank you.”

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