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Bonding With Boppy

April 30, 2010

I’m starting to feel a little like Pioneer Woman and her posts about her dog Charlie. She writes about the dog’s laziness at least once a week. So with risk of you getting bored of this same topic, I’m going to do it just one more time. Because Boppy’s only here for a week. Because it’s all Bruiser wants to do anymore. Because I find it just so darn sweet!

It was a little chilly out this day, but that didn’t stop them. In their matching clothes, they went out to mow.

Boppy was having a little mowing withdrawl. He mows his lawn and his parents lawn every week. It’s the first thing he’s planning to do when he gets back home.

Bruiser takes his mowing “responsibility” quite seriously too. He rarely has a smile on his face when he’s working. It’s all concentration to get the job done right.

Next mowing lesson: how to cut straight parallel lines.

Now that I’ve got that out of my system, no more lawn mowing posts for a while. I promise.

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