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Boppy & Grammy

April 26, 2010

My parents (better known around here by their titles of “Boppy” and “Grammy”) are visiting us for the week. We always love when family can come to visit and the children especially love having new “playmates.”

After traveling for eight hours to get here we all just relaxed on the first day.

The usually not-so-snuggly Bruiser was quite content to be resting on his Boppy’s lap.

Grammy makes a great bedtime story reader.

Monkey even got the special treat of taking his Sunday afternoon nap next to Boppy!

Today it was raining so we headed over to the Children’s Museum. Great Grammy bought our family passes for Christmas last year and boy have we gotten our money’s worth out of that gift!

I help Monkey set up his paper-making screen.

Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood was our second stop. This player piano has several Mr. Rogers songs programmed into it.

There was also plenty of good sitting spots for the elderly. =)

First time down the fast bowling alley slide, Boppy and Bruiser went together.

But the second time, Boppy was a little scared so Bruiser caught him.

Monkey played at the birdseed table for a good 10 minutes.

The coolest see-saw ever! It makes bubbles as you go up and down.

Then came the water room. We always save this one for the end.

See that little boy in the green shirt next to Monkey? He was SOAKED and having the time of his life! Grammy started watching him because he was just so entertaining. After he got bored with just splashing in the water do you know what he would do?

He would waddle over to one of the water pipes and take a good drink of chlorinated water.

(I know the green-shirt boy isn’t in that picture above, but those are the pipes I’m talking about). Now don’t be concerned for the boys health from drinking so much chlorine. He didn’t swallow it.

He just waddled right back over to the water table and spit it in there! I guess when all the cups and buckets are being used, you just come up with your own way to transport the water!

After the spit room water room the boys needed a change of clothes.

Goodbye, museum. . . until next time. . .

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