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Bruiser’s Birth Story, Part 2

April 23, 2010

If you missed the first part of Bruiser’s Birth story you can find it here. This post picks up right where the other one left off.

After over two hours of pushing and a dose of Pitocin to keep my contractions close enough together, only little bits of progress were happening. I was still relying on my nurse to tell me when to push. The Chief held my left leg up while nurse Sandy held my right. I was told to tuck my chin and push while they counted to ten each time. While the epidural blocked the pain of the contractions, I still felt plenty of pressure and burning. My OB had me in a semi-laying down position. I felt like I was laying down more than I was sitting. I asked if I could please sit up more because I was not comfortable. “No, where you are now is a good angle,” was my OB’s response. It may have been a good angle for him, but it sure wasn’t for my baby and I. There was nothing I could do though. I couldn’t move my lower body to even try to sit myself up. A while later I asked again to sit up more. I got a similar response. “Oh, you’re doing great! Just keep going.”

The last half hour of pushing was quite painful and exhausting. It was around 7:00 pm on Wednesday, April 23. Prayer meeting had just started at our church. My closest friends and our “Korean daughter” were there at the hospital in the waiting room. I knew prayers were being said for me and I used that burst of energy to give it all I had.

New Guy’s head kept hitting against the side of my pelvis. He was trying to come out at an angle. My OB kindly explained what was happening and asked if he could use a vacuum to guide him out. All I wanted at this point was for the pain to be over and my baby to be safely out so I told him that was fine.

What I really would have preferred was to be able to change my position to to give New Guy a different angle. Because of the epidural that was not possible. Looking back, there were so many things I would like to have avoided. Most hospital policies just don’t allow you to avoid all the interventions you’d like though.

Because of the vacuum, I ended up getting an episiotomy. At 7:27 pm, New Guy finally made his way out. Most babies come out face down. Some come out face up. Our little New Guy came out sideways. That explained why he kept getting stuck.

He was immediately placed on my chest where the nurse started to clean him off and the OB tended to the delivery of the placenta. I was not ready to meet such a blue baby. Monkey came out as pink as could be.

He had a bruise on his left shoulder and part of his forehead from where he kept bumping into my pelvis. The top of his head also had several broken blood vessels from where the vacuum was attached. I think that is part of the reason the nurse put his hat on so quickly…she didn’t want to scare me.

I tried to nurse my little New Guy just a few minutes after he was born. My nurses remembered that I wanted to hold him and feed him for a while before he was taken away to be evaluated. Holding him really helped erase the pain from the many stitches I was now receiving thanks to a third-degree tear after the episiotomy.

Forty-five minutes later, New Guy had been weighed in at 7 lbs. 15 oz and measured 20.5 inches long. I was all stitched up and my friends were allowed to come in and visit.

We got someone to snap a picture of us with our new addition.

27 hours of labor, 3 hours of active pushing, and 36 hours without sleep later, my job of delivering my baby was done. Now all I wanted was to sleep! Thankfully that is all New Guy wanted to do too.

That’s right, we were still calling him New Guy. He still had no name. The name could wait until tomorrow, when we had fresh minds to think clearly.


The next day Monkey got to meet his new brother. He was less than thrilled. After staying at someone else’s house, all he wanted was his Mommy.

After some loving from Mom he agreed to give his brother a kiss…

…but only in exchange for a cracker.

After all, 15-month olds still have their priorities. =)

It wasn’t until around noon the day after he was born that New Guy got his name. Because I kept thinking of him running the bases while in labor, because our family loves baseball, because Camden Yards is the closest stadium to where we live that the Red Sox regularly visit, because we liked the uniqueness of the name, we called him Camden.

And we all love him very much.

Happy second birthday, Bruiser!

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  1. April 23, 2010 12:02 pm

    Okay, no more birth stories…I’m not ready for a second, but this story made me contemplate it for a minute. 🙂

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