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Can’t Get Enough of the Lawnmower

April 21, 2010

It doesn’t matter if you “cut the grass” or “mow the lawn,” Bruiser will be right there with you. On any given day when we go to the backyard, Monkey will ask to play baseball and Bruiser will ask to mow. I don’t know why he loves it so much, but he does. And he loves it more if the person doing the mowing is a man.

Last week, both our neighbor (of grandfather age) and I were mowing at the same time. Bruiser followed our neighbor around his lawn for nearly a half-hour, always about 20 paces behind.

Bruiser was a little timid of the noisy mower at first. He just wanted to use his own and follow along. He watched carefully as his brother got right there in the action.

One good head-whack later and Monkey was nearly done until Chief had him grab onto the real handlebar. But apparently it’s just not as fun when you have to “push” the mower with your arms extended over your head.

Monkey was done with Dad’s mower and Bruiser was ready to step right in. He was quite serious about his new post.

Just look at the concentration on that face…

A guy can only take so much mowing with a toddler between his legs. The Chief told Bruiser his turn was done now. (I think Chief was just tired of waddling behind the mower!)

Bruiser would have none of that, though! He just found a new place to hang on to. =)

*Note: this method is not recommended if you want your lawn cut in any normal amount of time or if you like very straight lines.

*Also, I had nothing to do with the outfit that Monkey was wearing. Ok, fine, I told him to go take off his good khakis and put on some play clothes…the orange gym shorts with the striped polo was all his matching.

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