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Little Big Lungs

April 20, 2010

Last summer when Monkey was two and a half, he asked if he could play my trumpet one day at church. I taught him how to blow into it “like an elephant” to get a proper buzz. He picked it up quicker than I could have imagined. Bruiser, the little brother, of course wanted to try too. All he would ever do was try to eat the entire mouthpiece. Until last Sunday that is.

I got him to stop putting the mouthpiece into his mouth by telling him to “kiss it.” Once he got the hang of that I told him to give my trumpet an “elephant kiss.” That did the trick. Just shy of two years old, Bruiser can properly buzz into a trumpet.

While I was practicing tonight, he escaped from the tub dripping wet to come play my trumpet. The Chief scooped him up off the floor where he took a good tumble and slapped a diaper on him. He came running right back to me eager to play.

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