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Golfer Boys

April 19, 2010

I didn’t go out and buy new Easter outfits for the boys because the cheapest thing I could find was a 3-piece set (pants, shirt & vest) for $17.99. And while that’s not such a bad price, I’m used to buying outfits like

for $5.00 at Kid Stuff sales. I’ve reached a whole new level of frugal, I know.

Anyhow, I rifled through the boys closets and found near-matching outfits that weren’t overly wintery. I figured if I rolled up the long sleeves and paired it with some dressy flip-flops I could get them looking springy enough. Then while we were out shopping the Old Navy clearance racks I saw a bunch of cute hats for baby boys. None were big enough for my boys, though. We were all a bit disappointed now that we had talked a great deal about “church hats.” As we left the Old Navy I think I was the most disappointed of all of us. The hats were just so cute and they boys were not only willing, but excited to wear them!

As I buckled them into the car, the store next to Old Navy caught my eye. The Children’s Place. “No, it’ll be way too expensive and I just buckled everyone in,” I said to myself as I turned the key and started to back out of the space. But after driving about 2 feet I reasoned with myself that I might as well just peek inside while I’m here. I’m not in any rush to be somewhere, so just go now. And so I pulled into a parking space only three away from the one I just pulled out of.

Well, it turned out to be a good choice. They had cute “church hats” in the boys sizes that matched their outfits perfectly. So I dropped the $6.50 a piece for hats that they promised to wear. Unfortunately Monkey was quite sick on Easter Sunday so I sent Bruiser to church in a different outfit. But the next week my little golfer boys were ready to look handsome. Hats on, boys!

Alright, now give me a cool pose.

Ok, forget that. You look ridiculous. Hey, Bruiser! Get back here and just stand nice, will ya?

Is that the best you’ve got?

Yea, ok. I see we’re done here. How about just one hug and then we’ll be done. Please?

Awe, thanks guys.

Yes, you’re done now. Go get in the car for church.

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