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Unusual Easter

April 4, 2010

I’m not sure of the last time I wasn’t in church on Easter Sunday. It feels very strange. Not right. We’ve been dealing with quite the sickness over here for the last few days. Bruiser is finally on the mend, but Monkey is just miserable. I knew Bruiser was going to just scream when he saw the Chief leaving for church all dressed up. Bruiser loves going to church. He wasn’t really drippy anymore, so I decided it would be alright to send him along.

I got my handsome little golfer-man dressed up and ready to go. This is not one of the matching outfits they I was planning on them to wear, but it worked out even better. This outfit is much cuter.

Monkey, on the other hand was not looking quite so debonaire.

This sickness has kept me thinking of the day when there will be no more sickness. My Lord endured the worst pain and suffering for each one of us. Then He overcame His death and raised Himself up. Something so incomprehensible to us! I am glad that the God I worship is not the one dead, hanging on the cross, but the one alive, ruling in heaven.

While Chief and Bruiser go to worship the Lord with others, Monkey and I will be worshiping at home in our hearts and with a song playing in the background spinning on his little red CD player.

May your Easter be filled with gratitude for Christ’s most amazing gift!

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