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Upper Chucker

March 31, 2010

After having another chilly streak in March we are enjoying a sunny 60+ degree day, so I took the munchkins outside for a while. I picked up some sticks while they scurried around. Monkey asked if I would play baseball with him (it’s all he ever wants to do outside). I told him that I’d be happy to after I was finished picking up my sticks.

“I’ll help you.” he responded.

I almost stopped breathing for a moment. “Help me? Without being asked? Because that would make me finish faster and therefore get to play with you sooner? Wow, I think some of the things we’ve been teaching you are actually starting to sink in!” I thought to myself as I thanked him for his help.

A minute later I made sure to offer him some encouragement so he would keep going with his task.

“You are a really great stick picker-upper!” I cheerfully told him.

He chucked some twigs over his head into the pile behind the shed.

“Yea, and I’m a great thrower-upper too!” he added.

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