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Little Landscapers

March 18, 2010

Yesterday was not the greatest of days. Children were cranky, naps were scattered, and I really wanted to take a walk to the frozen yogurt store. That didn’t happen because of the aforementioned problems. Around 4 o’clock we finally made it outside. We didn’t have enough time to go too far or venture out for another bike-riding lesson (Oi, is that a whole other story!) We have an abundance of driveway gravel in our yard because of all the shoveling we had to do this winter. So I put my shorties to work.

I probably shouldn’t have had them do it in their church clothes, though. They wore those clothes all day and I wasn’t about to change them for 30 minutes of being outside.

I gave them each a little metal bucket (re-purposed from Bruiser’s first birthday party) to collect their rocks in. Throwing the rocks back into the driveway would have been just as much fun for them, but not so much for my car which is parked just out of this picture to the left.

Yes, loading & dumping was a much safer route to go.

Then one bright little leaf had an ingenious time-saving idea.

“I’ll put my bucket over here so it won’t fall over.” (It kept tipping in the mulch).

So that bright little leaf and his follower put their buckets about two feet from the curb and ran back and forth to fill them up. Let me tell ya, these are the kids you want to invite to your egg hunt! They’ll give all the other kids plenty of time to grab up all the goodies!


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