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When Your Imagination Gets You Into Trouble

February 18, 2010

The train taking the munchkins to the land of Make Believe must have taken the wrong track yesterday. It started out with the little darlings playing so nicely, which freed me up to get some stuff done without watching their every move. I heard them in the other room feeding their stuffed animals. When I finished my task, I went over to see this feeding process.

They had so thoughtfully taken their kitchen dishes and pretend food over to the window sill. It was there that they artfully sprinkled the potting soil from my poinsettia (the one and only living plant in my house) onto the plastic cinnamon roll and peas.

Do notice the head hung in shame. Like many mothers of the digital camera age, my first reaction when I saw the mess was to run and get my camera. I was saddened to discover that my battery was completely drained, so my phone would have to do. I was too overwhelmed by their creative use of my votive candle holder as a feeding trough to be really upset. (The glass votive holders had been put away months ago. I’d been thinking about bringing them back out, but now I’m not so sure!)

Of course, it was easier to get upset at Monkey as he was still pouring more dirt as I was snapping a picture! I guess the downfall of taking pictures of the event before reprimanding your kids is the activity seems more ok now. But what nice, neat piles he made! That’s what really matters, right? =)

You will note that Squirt had the good sense to run away as soon as the disaster was discovered. I had to pull her away from playing with Bruiser to get her to help clean the mess. She’s a clever one, that Squirt.

>>Fast Forward>>

An hour later the dark side of imagination struck again. This time the three of them decided to play “nursery,”  church nursery, that is. I saw that they had dumped the entire bucket of peek-a-blocks out already. It made a mess, but nothing insurmountable. It’s something that is quite commonplace around here anyhow. Not two minutes later, the room looked like this:

You will notice in the background that EVERY bucket has been emptied into a giant pile on the floor. (You may also have noticed that my son is no longer wearing his shirt. That was because he slipped off his stool and fell into the toilet).

Playing nursery is more dangerous than one might think. Would you believe that Bruiser actually tripped on a toy, fell, and hurt his arm? It’s true.

Here’s a reminder of how the closet usually looks. Not perfect, but orderly. It took us quite a long time to clean up this mess! Everyone was assigned a bucket (or two) and a specific toy to put in their bucket. They had to go on a “toy hunt” to find all their appropriate toys.

They did a really good job. There wasn’t too much complaining and they even started helping each other find their appropriate toy. Bruiser had one bucket of blocks to clean, while Squirt and Monkey were each assigned two. That left me with the remaining four buckets. I was still the first one done.

How I manage to keep my house in order, I just don’t know.  And some days, I just don’t.

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  1. Amy permalink
    February 18, 2010 8:30 pm

    My absolutely FAVORITE part of this story??? He doesn’t have his shirt on because he fell in the toilet. I mean, the rest was good, but …that was not what I expected to read. 🙂 Thanks for a laugh!

    • February 19, 2010 2:02 pm

      That’s why I write this stuff. I shouldn’t be the only one who gets to laugh at this stuff, right?

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