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Valentine’s “Treat”

February 16, 2010

Last Friday, the munchkins and I made some cupcakes for Valentine’s day. Grammy sent the boys a care package that had a kit from Necco in it. Nice and simple, everything was all included. The boys and I made the cupcakes in the morning before Squirt came over. I frosted them during nap time and then we all decorated them when they woke up.

Bruiser kept picking the candy hearts off everyone else’s cupcakes and stuffing them into his mouth. I pulled out some red sugar sprinkles since the only decorations that came with the kit were the candy hearts. I figured we could get a little more creative with some sprinkles. The kit made 8 cupcakes (very weird number). It actually ended up being just right though. I sent 4 home with Squirt and that left one for each of our family members.

We saved our treats for after dinner. The Chief was the first one to take a bite. I wish I had my camera on hand when he did. What a face! He tried to hide it, but there was nothing doin’. I had to try a bite to see what the big deal was. How bad could a cupcake be? It was just a regular old box mix! Oh, it was bad. So bad, in fact, I immediately sent Squirt’s mom a text message warning her to beware, they were dreadful! Monkey wouldn’t even eat it. We all picked the candies off the top for our dessert and gave the remainder to Bruiser. He ate two whole cupcakes. Blech!

So thanks, Ma, for the fun family activity and what ended up being rather healthy cupcakes. (If you don’t eat them, that makes them healthy for you, right?)

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