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Monkey Learns How to Use His Pinkey Finger

February 9, 2010

Nap time around here is a very routine thing. We do it every day and at nearly the same time. Everyone’s schedule is thrown off when nap time is messed with…so I try my best NOT to mess with it!

Usually it goes something like this:

After lunch I clean up while Squirt and Monkey take care of their bathroom needs. (Which usually involves me helping them out a bit). Then everyone piles into Monkey’s bed where I read them a story (or two if they’re lucky). Squirt goes into my bed and waits while I tuck Bruiser in. Then I make the rounds and tuck in Squirt then Monkey.

Occasionally we do the alternate nap-getting-ready-routine. This usually happens when one of the little monsters needs to take longer in the bathroom. In these cases I read each of them a story individually while the other is sitting in the bathroom. Today was one of those days.

After reading to Bruiser and tucking him in, I went to help Monkey take care of business. He wanted to read a longer book, so we both crawled into his bed under the covers. It was so warm and cozy. After the story was done I started to say the “have a good nap” speech when he interrupted me.

“But you can sweep wif me, because you wuv me. Right, Mom?”

melting, melting….”Yes, Monkey, I love you very much.”

“Ok, so you can take a nap here.” he says as he touches my cheek with his warm little hand.

There was absolutely nothing I could have done besides give that little monkey a kiss and close my eyes with my head on the pillow next to his. It was a good nap.

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