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February 3, 2010

Monkey and Bruiser were not playing together very kindly yesterday afternoon.

I was watching tv and folding laundry while they were napping and they both woke up before I was finished. They came to play in the family room where I was trying to finish both the show and the folding. They were  being awfully loud and rambunctious so I told them they needed to go play in one of their rooms. After protesting, they went but were not happy about their excommunication and for the next five minutes they were whining and whacking at each other over this toy or that. There was just too much fighting going on down there.

I walked down and split them up and told them since they could not play kindly together they would not be allowed to play with each other. I put Bruiser in his room and put the baby gate up. I told Monkey he had to stay in his room until I came back to get them.

For the next 18 minutes (the first two were spent crying about being separated) Monkey stood here swinging his OoOo (his favorite stuffed Monkey) looking into Bruiser’s room.

And Bruiser stood here, longing to be on the other side of the gate.And there they stood until my show was over and the laundry was folded.

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