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Through the Eyes of a Monkey

January 26, 2010

Monkey’s big Christmas present from us this year was a digital camera. He was constantly begging to use mine and I never let him. I looked into getting a kid one, but they were still about $60 and lousy at taking pictures. I started hunting ebay and we ended up spending $30 on an older used Canon PowerShot.

The little Monkey is quite tech savvy and knew right what to do with the thing. I took his camera today to put the pictures on the computer for the first time. He had taken nearly 200. At least half of those were blurry beyond recognition or terribly bleached out. Here is a glimpse from the eyes of my Monkey:

In these pictures you will see the things that he loves the most. Photography for him is not about taking pictures of people like it is for me. It’s all about the stuff.This kid likes his toys to be the center of attention.This is the flashlight that hangs from his bed. Because every little boy loves electrical outlets! I yi yi!Bruiser and I wrestling. So many of his pictures are straight down at the ground, or angled up toward the ceiling. See? More ceiling. Gives me a better appreciation for how he sees the world around him.

There were many shots of the tv. He and Bruiser really loved this cone on their PopPop’s desk…it got played with frequently during our stay there for Christmas.The Chief plays Wii. Monkey played A LOT of Wii while visiting his other grandparents. Four days straight, I believe.Hi Boppy! What a handsome Dad I have!Thanks, kid, for sending some camera lovin’ my way. The thing he just can’t seem to figure out is where to put the fingers on his left hand. He covers the flash all the time as you can tell by the darkness on the left of the picture.Never mind “look at the camera,” Monkey wants you to look down so he can get the shot he really wants: Bob the Builder. Who’s under there, anyhow?
Awe, Squirt! I guess he does like you after all!

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