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The Price of DIY

January 25, 2010

We are in the beginning stages of a basement remodel project. My goal for the day was to rip down two walls of drywall and load the trash into Squirts Dad’s truck before she got picked up this afternoon. My plan was to tear down in the morning while they played upstairs and load the truck while they napped.

All was going very well. The children were playing nicely and staying upstairs like I instructed them. Half a wall into my demolition, I hear a little voice calling to me from the top of the stairs.

“Auntie! I have to go pee pee!”

“Ok, Squirt. Just go to the bathroom and get started I’ll be right there to help.”

She can do it all by herself, but sometimes she needs a little assistance so I went up there not more than a minute after she called. There was a pile on the floor. Not the kind of pile you might be thinking of either.

A backpack filled with about 10 board books,

an oven mit,

a wooden spoon,

a fork,

and a stuffed animal.

Have you read the description of my little leaves over here on the side yet? ———–>

Squirt’s a hoarder. And today it got the best of her. Next to her pile of stuff, was Squirt making a puddle. I surmise it was a struggle with the backpack that did her in.

After a change of clothes and a bath, I was back downstairs demolishing walls. I am no construction worker, but I’m pretty sure that what I found behind the sheet-rock was not how it was supposed to have been built. Nice, huh? That, folks, is 3″ thick foam insulation. Didn’t know that randomly placed triangles of insulation is the best way to keep the heat in, did ya?I kept on working until both walls were done. I assumed that the munchkins were still going strong with their game of “school.” Bad idea. Never assume. Turns out they were not playing school anymore. Seems they wanted to do something more along the lines of what I was doing downstairs. Demolition. Apparently I should have just given them all hammers and brought them downstairs with me. They did a pretty good number. Bruiser’s room was the worst, but the bathroom also got hit along with a roll of TP draped through Monkey’s room. (Sorry about the fuzzy picture…forgot to change my settings from the basement).

So who made more of a mess? Them or me?I guess it doesn’t really matter. They cleaned up their mess before they were allowed to eat lunch and I cleaned up my mess while they napped. Goal accomplished.

And there goes the buzz of the dryer…still working on goal #2 of the day.

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  1. Squirt's Mom permalink
    January 25, 2010 9:39 pm

    wow. had no idea when you told me the abridged version that it was this bad!? sorry for my kid’s part of that mess! and thanks again for taking care of her.

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