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“Is there a baby in there?”

January 23, 2010

belly hug

Monkey giving his unborn brother a hug over a year and a half ago.

The other night I was putting some lotion on Monkey after his evening bath. He was sitting on the bathroom counter and I had him put his feet on my belly while I rubbed his legs. Then I told him to do the same with his hands. With his outstretched arms he asked, “Is there a baby in there?”

“No, buddy. There’s no baby in there.”


“God hasn’t put a baby in Mommy’s tummy right now. How do you get a baby anyhow?”

What was I thinking? The parent isn’t supposed to ask the 3yr old where babies come from! But I couldn’t help myself. I just love the answers this kid comes up with. So there was the big open can of worms, ready for the picking.

“You get a baby from da store, Mom!”

“Oh! How silly of me. What store?”

“The baby store.” (We call Babies R Us the “baby store.”)

“Do you have to buy the baby?”

“No, you buy things, not babies! Can we go? I can drive there!”

“Uh, no dude. You can not drive there.”


Later I asked him when we have another baby if he would like a girl or a boy. He answered “boy” without hesitation. So I decided to reply with some 3 yr old’s logic:

“But what about Bruiser? He’s a baby and a boy and he keeps taking your toys. Maybe if we had a girl baby she wouldn’t take your toys.”

“Oh.”  *thinks for a moment*  “Yea, we should get a girl baby.”

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